This is all we've ever done.

We have been investing in and building innovative healthcare software and services companies since the mid-1990s, creating market leaders and important new healthcare sectors in all types of market and healthcare cycles.

We help build teams.

We believe nothing is more important in building a fast-growing, successful business than getting the right people on the team – and quickly -- and have leveraged our networks to help build these teams at virtually every company with whom we have partnered.  We have introduced more than 50 executives, team members, and key contributors (well-known to us and longstanding in our networks) to the companies who have chosen to work with us.

We help drive revenue.

In partnership with outstanding management teams, we have leveraged our networks to directly drive revenue (and the resulting value-creation).  At more than 75% of our attributable portfolio companies at our current and prior firms, we have leveraged our relationships and strategic investors to tangibly partner in value creation.

We leverage some of the strongest relationships in the industry.

We work closely with a number of strategic investors and enjoy strong and longstanding relationships with hundreds of the largest and most influential healthcare organizations in the country.  These organizations help us identify the key themes in which we invest; they help our portfolio companies with product development; they help us build management teams; they drive revenue to our portfolio companies; they take part in distribution relationships; and, they act as potential acquirers of our investments.

We are practical company builders.

With decades of experience, we know that most innovative, growing companies hit a bump (or five) in the road, and the line to success is never straight.  With former operating experience, we know what it takes to overcome setbacks and to accelerate growth.  We are patient investors focused on long term value creation.

We have pattern recognition.

Working with management, we are constantly assessing addressable market size, the competitive environment, and the company’s ability to execute against the opportunity.  We know these are not static variables with innovative companies and evaluate them on an ongoing basis in partnership with management to help determine when to increase or decrease resource allocation; when to tweak a product, invest heavily in new product development, or switch gears completely; and when to continue building a company, sell, or go public.  All of these decisions directly impact the capital intensity of a business and can have a huge impact on an entrepreneur’s personal wealth creation, and we believe they are a critical aspect of creating an aligned partnership.

We know success.

In partnership with outstanding management teams and spanning three decades, we have what we believe is one of the industry's longest and most consistent records of financing and helping to build healthcare companies that became market leaders and that created entirely new market segments.