In addition to investing on behalf of traditional institutional investors, we work in a process-driven manner with a wonderful group of some of the largest and most influential strategic healthcare investors in the country and a great mix of more than 40 current and former C-Suite executives and board members from across the healthcare ecosystem who are personally invested in our fund and success.  Collectively, our investors represent organizations that provide health insurance to more than 60 million Americans, operate more than 80 hospitals, provide pharmacy and PBM services to more than 75% of all Americans, and provide software and services to every major hospital in the United States.  These organizations and individuals are market leaders and/or have helped create a number of the most important and innovative new market segments in healthcare software and services.  We leverage these relationships to help our portfolio companies build and grow.

We interact with a broad group of their senior and emerging leaders to understand their strategy, priorities, and challenges as organizations and across functional areas; we track and monitor relevant themes and companies across the sector for them; and we help them identify the right innovative themes and companies to adopt -- and at the right time.  These types of deep symbiotic partnerships have, in turn, been integral to our past successes.  They have informed some of the key themes in which we invested, referred us to investment opportunities, assisted us with diligence, provided product development assistance to our portfolio companies, helped us build teams for our portfolio companies, and driven revenue to our portfolio companies.  Our relationships have meaningfully contributed to every company and every investment with whom we have ever partnered.