Our mission at Health Velocity Capital is to be the preferred innovation partner of entrepreneurs and investors working toward the common goal of a high quality, customer-friendly, affordable and sustainable healthcare system.  We strive to accomplish this through a culture that is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Our team members are driven by a desire to excel for our entrepreneurs and our investors and to improve our nation’s healthcare system
  • We over-communicate and are transparent
  • We are responsive
  • We serve multiple customers, we work hard for all of them, and we are respectful of the needs of all entrepreneurs, our limited partners, our team, and our co-investors
  • We believe good process leads to good results
  • We believe the opinion of every team member matters a lot
  • We know we make mistakes and do our best to own up to them
  • We believe high performance organizations require leadership, accountability, clarity, decisiveness, and a strong and fun culture